Parent testimonials and feedback

Below are some reviews received for the preschool as well as feedback from parents.

“Pollyanna is a fantastic preschool, with staff that go above and beyond to help the children and parents. My son settled very quickly, the staff understand his likes and interests and plan activities around them. The preschool has a lovely outdoor area which has access to the park and playing field which is brilliant. The recent sports day was a lovely way for parents and family members to get involved. I would highly recommend Pollyanna.”

“Pollyanna Preschool staff have been so very friendly and welcoming! My daughters have become so much more confident since they started in January 2019. I felt it was extremely important that my daughters be treated as individuals being twins and the staff have been brilliant at working with them as individuals and praising their different strengths and encouraging them to build on other areas including confidence and independence especially for one of them. I know my girls will be very sad when their time at Pollyanna comes to an end after their Summer term but I know I’ll be confident that they’ll be ready and well prepared for reception.”

“A lovely village pre-school that has flexible hours which have suited our needs over the last few years. Both my children have thrived here.”

“very good pre school a lot of people where I live recommended Pollyanna plus my son loves going, all the staff are friendly, polite and professional”

“Very friendly staff…he is loving preschool”

“Everything is fantastic…staff are all so lovely”

“very warm and welcoming staff..”

“I have been extremely happy with how all the staff have supported us through the settling in process”

“Our time at Pollyanna has always been positive. It has a friendly, nurturing atmosphere with enthusiastic staff which makes for happy children and happy parents”