School uniform
Pollyanna Pre-School have a non-mandatory uniform, however we find that a lot of the children like to wear their uniform as it gives them a sense of being a ‘big kid’ getting ready for school. You can order uniform and bookbags from:

Pollyanna Pre-School promote healthy eating and would like to encourage children’s lunch boxes to contain a good selection of different foods. We are a NUT FREE setting and it is imperative that all parents ensure that there are no nut products in their child’s packed lunch. Water bottles should only contain water however, you can include a juice carton in their packed lunch to drink at lunchtime.

Please ensure all your child’s belongings, coats, wellies, hats, water bottles are clearly labelled.

Website information
This section of the website is to provide parents with useful information. We are looking to continually improve our website so please let us know what information you would like to see and we will add it to our development schedule.

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