Role: Pre-School Administrator
Years Experience: I have experience working in different industries for many years which were all office based. I have built and developed my administrative skills over the years. From operational support to client account managing which has taught me a lot about being flexible, adaptable and helpful.
About Me: “I like to bake, mainly birthday cakes for my daughters which has lead to me baking a wedding cake (never again I might add). I have experienced wedding photography and photographing babies, most recently when I was working as a Bounty Photographer at the hospital, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Quality time with my family and friends is important to me”
I work in Early Years because….: “It is a lovely environment to work in. I like to be as helpful as I can be to parents needing guidance on sending their children into an early years setting, as I know I was absolutely clueless before my daughters attended here. Even though I am in the background and not directly working with the children, it is nice to see them become more independent, learn new skills and knowing that they’ll be ready for their next step in education when they leave Pollyanna.”